Trash/Recycle Friday pick guidelines

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is staying dry will all the precipitation.

With regards to the Trash/Recycle picks up on Friday. One of the recommendations is to clearly separate the Recycle & Trash placement. I believe most people are kinda doing this already. Perhaps just formalize, using the rule of thumb of Recycle to the Right of the collection area (or mailbox post if one is there) and Trash to the Left of the left of the collection area. This doesn’t have to hard and fast…just so it is clear what is what.

If you ever watched the garbage men…they move thru really fast. This will really help the pick up guys nothing have to figure where something is recycle or trash

We will soon put some some laminated flyers on all the mailboxes with this guidance as well.

thank you

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Next ARC Board Meeting – 2/13

Hello Everyone, Our next ARC HOA Board meeting will be held on Feb 13th at 7 pm at Armstrong Elementary.

Please attend if you are able.

thank you.

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Belated Halloween Pics

Hello ACR’ers

Hope everyone is doing well and get used to the new trash schedule.

Sorry for the delay, but finally managed to get the fall Halloween Pics uploaded.   See below & let me know if you want any of the originals.


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Budget & Dues Docs

Hi ARC’ers

Just wanted to post this these two docs for everyone’s benefit

Summit Chase HOA-Dues-Recommendations-FY19

Summitt Chase Budget2019 Notice

thank you


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New Trash Pick Days & Holiday Pick up Schedules

Hello ARC’ers

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the cooler weather and falling leaves!

Apologies, I’ve been MIA for awhile (been sidetracked with some personal stuff).  I will post the Halloween pics soon

More importantly, NEW TRASH COMPANY has been signed up and NEW TRASH PICKUP Policies will go in effect on 12/1.  Hopefully you have seen the signs posted near the mailboxes already

Here is the Summary:   The new days for pick are:

  • Tuesday: Trash only
  • Friday: Trash, Recycling, and Yard waste (note Styrofoam is trash, not recycle)
  • Large Items require a special pickup and may be scheduled thru American Disposal at 703-368-0500

Also, Please note the Holiday Trash Collection Schedule.  There is no trash collection on:

  • Thursday, 11/22 (Thanksgiving)
  • Tuesday, 12/25 (Christmas)
  • Tuesday, 1/1 (New Year’s Day)

ALSO: Please Please place your trash at the curb for pick up on these dates. The next trash pickup occurs the following scheduled day. Recycling pickup is set to occur as scheduled during the winter holidays.

PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF THE COMMUNITY, here are Trash Policy Reminders:

  • Do not place trash, recycling, or yard waste at the curb the day before and not before 5:00 pm on the evening before scheduled pickups.
  • Promptly remove empty cans after each pickup.
  • Do not place trash or recycling at the curb in paper bags or cardboard boxes as it can blow around the neighborhood.
  • Please use a trash can or black plastic bag to prevent animals from getting into the trash.

Printable Schedule Flyer for your Fridge:   TrashPoster-2018-11-17

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Happy Fall

Well, perhaps not Fall yet…

Greetings ARC’ers

Hope everyone is going well and getting ready for the Fall (hopefully we will have some nice cool and crisp weather soon).

Below is a quick summary of the new board after last month’s elections.

• ARC Board for 2018-2019
o Beth – President – Responsible for everything 🙂
o John – Vice President & Neighborhood Ambassador
o Mike – Secretary
o Ram – Treasurer & continue maintenance of Website & Email DL
o Ken – Member at Large

• Date of next board meeting
o Oct 17th Wednesday at 7 pm at Armstrong School
o Nov 14th << alternative date • New Trash contract details will be sent out soon • Volunteers see Beth & John o Monarch Butterfly project << Renee & RG are signed up... o Little Library << Ram & Jeff will attempt to do this at Renee’s father’s house. if you have any lumber or supplies you want to donate, email Ram If you have anything to share with the neighborhood or have any questions, please reach out to one of us.

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ARC End of Summer Annual Meeting – 9/12 – Tot Lot – 6 pm

Forgot to mention 2 things here.  This meeting will be held be at the Tot Lot, AND importantly, we will be electing new members.  If you can’t make, please see Beth @ 1593 for a Proxy Form.  Or email me.
Subject:  Annual ARC Owners Meeting
Date:  9/12
Time:  6 pm
Location:  ARC Tot Lot
See you all there.
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End of Summer – Annual Cluster meeting – 9/12 @ 6 pm

Hope everyone is having a good summer!   Please make a note of the annual meeting on 9/12 at 6 pm.
You will be treated to some fabulous Domino’s pizza and old school 2-liter soda! 🙂   Adult beverages are BYOB
Also, new members will joining the board, so come one, come all!   Let’s close out the summer in style!

Rám @ 1491
Autumn Ridge Cir HOA – Secretary
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Additional Board meeting

FYI…due to some pending business, we will be doing additional board meeting on 7/24 at the Tot Lot at 7 pm, with a rain date of 7/31.
This will not be a long meeting.
Thank you.
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Roof Inspection Recommended

Fellow ARC Owners & Residents,
Hope everyone is well and you are beating the summer heat.  Wanted to pass this message from Beth and our fellow neighbor John.
Another roof inspection has netted major repairs to the siding and rake board. This is a major entry point for critters not to mention water.  We strongly encourage for every one to collaborate with their adjoining neighbor on this issue, and go a roof inspection if you have done it recently.   If there is enough interest, we could schedule Michael Smith (one of the guys who did good work to fix roofs after the wind storm) to come and look at roofs 
Please reach out to board for more info.
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