Spring is almost here

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Hi Everyone! I’m sure everyone is waiting eagerly for spring…so thought I’d share these pics, that were taken by Kevin Powell.  -Ram PS: Don’t put away your shovels just yet though…heard it might snow on Saturday 🙂

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Coming Soon – ARC Little Libraries

Hello ARC’ers
Jeff @ 1571 (and his team) are looking to build a couple of small libraries for the ARC neighborhood.  One of the kids and One for adults.  You might have seen them before in other neighborhoods.  Essentially, this would like a free book exchange/borrowing setup.   Once it’s setup, you can donate/share your books if you wish.
If you have any wood or other building materials you want to donate, and/or help Jeff (jeffvirchow@gmail.com), please let us know.
thank you


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Concerns on Open space damage

Dear Neighborhood Families,
One of the best things about our neighborhood is that it is kid and family friendly.  For many of us, that’s precisely why we moved here and live here.  Seeing kids playing outside on a beautiful day is an asset we all benefit from.  However, to keep that goal, we need to help our kids to be mindful of the impact they have on our common spaces and neighbors’ yards.  As board members, we sometimes hear complaints from the community about property destruction.
Most recently, some kids have been witnessed sitting on saplings to break them and use them for building tee-pees in the central area behind houses 1478, 1480, 1482, … on one side and houses 1554, 1556, 1558, … on the other side.  While, it is clear these kids are not malicious, and their actions are unintentional, we need to educate them that  breaking trees for play isn’t okay.  As this causes damage to the space, when we are in the process of re-planting to stop erosion.  When neighbors try to say something to the children, it doesn’t seem to get heard, as would be expected.  However, when parents say something to their own kids the impact is greater.
Parents, please consider talking to your kids about this.  We are happy to engage and discussion to provide details and explain the problem.  Thanks to the larger community for speaking up.  Please reach out to Sarah (sktkeely@gmail.com) and Beth (eslater1@aol.com) for details and to discuss how we can rectify this together.

Let’s keep our community family friendly and beautiful. It’s to all our benefit.  We are open to hearing your thoughts, as communication keeps our neighborhood a really good place to live.
Thanks again,
Your board
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2017 Halloween Pics


Pics from Halloween!  If anyone wants the original (full size pics) for your collection, contact me!  Big thanks to Carlos, Jeff, and Big Jon (aka Halloween Brew Crew) for all the work on the Haunted House!!

If you have pics you want to share or add cooler captions let me know 🙂   -Ram

Halloween Pics



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Halloween Festivies

Hi Everyone,

Just a friendly announcement of Halloween activities for tomorrow (for kids & parents alike)

Halloween Costume Parade:

4:45 pm – Meet at Tot Lot

5:00 pm – Costume Parade

6:00 pm or so – Trick or Treating begins!!   (remember gotta dress up if you want candy!!


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Important Announcements –

Hello from the new HOA board of Summit Chase Cluster Board (aka Autumn Ridge Cir Cluster 😁) !

Thank you all for patience.  We have been collecting emails and phone numbers for our email distribution list (DL).  Thank you to everyone who has shared their contact and all who helped.  If you didn’t get the email, please reach to Ram (rks.1491.arc@gmail.com) with your email address.

Some Important announcements:

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday November 7th at 7 pm.  This is the first board meeting of this fiscal year.  The meeting is at the Neil Armstrong Elementary school either in the Library or the Cafeteria. 


  • Ratify the budget-we will be discussing the quarterly assessment.
  • Discuss the plans for community improvement through the proposals outlined in the Engineering and Arbor Study.
  • Please review these on the Summit Chase website; summitchasecluster.org  Please email all questions about this plan to: info@twcmanagement.com in advance of the meeting.
  • If you have problems, you can reach out to Beth or Ram

Other items of interest:

 Anyone interested in Fairfax County’s interest in radically increasing the density of Reston in the near future; please plan to attend a meeting at South Lakes High School October 23, 2017 in the Cafeteria.  Please speak to your neighbor John Nusbaum @ 1579 (johnmaria83@verizon.net)  for details about this issue.

 🎃🎃Happy Halloween & see you around in the neighborhood!🎃🎃

-Ram & Beth

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Hello & Welcome from the new HOA board

Hello from the new HOA board!  Thank you all for patience.  We have been collecting emails and phone numbers for our email distribution list.  It’s almost ready and you should see our first email tomorrow.

-Ram @ 1491
Autumn Ridge Cir HOA – Secretary


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2017 Road Work – Update

Due to the rain today, the patching and paving work has been postponed until tomorrow, Thursday September 7th. 

We appreciate your patience during this work. 

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Arbor and Drainage Study

The Summit Chase Cluster Association Board of Directors commissioned an engineering and arbor study of the common areas due to concerns about excessive erosion and run off storm water effecting common property and individual homeowners.  The study is available below for you to review how it will effect your property and the common areas.  Please review and forward any questions to TWC Management.  The board will address these questions at the annual meeting September 13, 2017.  Please plan to attend the annual meeting for this discussion as well as the election of officers and discussion of the budget.

Arbor Study and Survey

EarthMan Drainage and Erosion Report

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2017 Road Work – Sept. 6, 11, & 12

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The Summitt Chase Board of Directors made arrangements with a paving contractor to do asphalt repairs, crack seal, and seal coat work on Autumn Ridge Circle (the part that is owned by the cluster). The board realizes this work is … Continue reading

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