Summit Chase Board and Offices

As of November 2022, the Summit Chase Cluster HOA Board Members were appointed to fill the following offices for the current term (2022-2023). The board members are your fellow home owners that volunteer their time to serve their neighbors in taking care of the community property.  Each board member is elected and serves a 3 year term.

For day to day concerns please contact our management company TWC at 703-473-5800 or

Ken Gray – President (term expires 2024)
1552 Autumn Ridge Cir

Beth Brooks – Vice President (term expires 2025)
1593 Autumn Ridge Cir

Brian Kaplan – Vice President (term expires 2024)
1555 Autumn Ridge Cir

Chelsea Jones – Secretary (term expires 2025)
1485 Autumn Ridge Cir

Nicole Erdelyi – Treasurer (term expires 2023)
1561 Autumn Ridge Cir