Bylaw, Parking, and Trash Rules Updates

The board has been working over the past year with our attorney to update the cluster Bylaws. This document is a set of rules that determine how the Home Owners Association is run. This is the first time these rules have been updated in almost thirty years. The update is necessary to remove old out of date information and ensure that the bylaws conform to current law. In addition we’re working on updating the parking and trash regulations to help better define the rules and help alleviate some of the issues we run into from time to time. Since these rules affect all the homeowners we are asking everyone to read these documents and provide feedback to the board. We’ll take comments until the annual meeting in September. At that point the board will finalize the changes and vote on the new documents. The new documents can be found here.

A list of frequently asked questions/comments can be found here including a summary of the changes to the bylaws.

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