Landscape News

The Board has been working hard to do more landscape maintenance around the community.

Last fall you might have notices Peters Landscaping on site for four days pruning a lot of our trees and hollies. This is something that hasn’t been done for many years so still have a lot of work ahead of us. We plan to keep doing a little bit over the next few years to get caught up. By maintaining our trees they’ll last longer and it’s less likely we’ll have trees come down in storms when it’s much more costly to have them removed.

In early March we will be having a landscape contractor install new landscaping on the hillside between 1500 and 1502. This board had two large Bradford Pears removes a couple of years ago to prevent these weak trees from falling and damaging property. Initially the board planned to replace the two trees with two Cherry trees. After further evaluation it was decided that the existing scrubs were not attractive, there was problems with erosion and something more comprehensive was needed.

The new landscape will include two natural rock walls to terrace the hillside. It will also include seven new trees including Japanese maple, Dogwood, Crape Myrtle, and Flowering Plums. Between the trees almost fifty other smaller scrubs of various varieties will be planted to replace the existing shrubs.

There were two Cherry trees on this hillside. The board had them moved over to an area south of the tot lot to replace three Bradford pears that were removed. The Bradford pears are very weak trees that have a short life span. The board is working to remove these trees and replace them with more attractive and longer lasting trees.

Finally there’s been work near the circle where some trees have been removed and the bushed trimmed. This area of the property lies on the easement of Colonial Pipeline. Colonial has the right to maintain the vegetation on the easement. They do not allow trees on the property and require that all other vegetation be maintained at less than four feet tall. The board was required to trim the bushes to comply with these requirements.

The board is continuing to look at additional projects for the fall and following years.

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