Happy Fall

Well, perhaps not Fall yet…

Greetings ARC’ers

Hope everyone is going well and getting ready for the Fall (hopefully we will have some nice cool and crisp weather soon).

Below is a quick summary of the new board after last month’s elections.

• ARC Board for 2018-2019
o Beth – President – Responsible for everything 🙂
o John – Vice President & Neighborhood Ambassador
o Mike – Secretary
o Ram – Treasurer & continue maintenance of Website & Email DL
o Ken – Member at Large

• Date of next board meeting
o Oct 17th Wednesday at 7 pm at Armstrong School
o Nov 14th << alternative date • New Trash contract details will be sent out soon • Volunteers see Beth & John o Monarch Butterfly project << Renee & RG are signed up... o Little Library << Ram & Jeff will attempt to do this at Renee’s father’s house. if you have any lumber or supplies you want to donate, email Ram If you have anything to share with the neighborhood or have any questions, please reach out to one of us.

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