Concerns on Open space damage

Dear Neighborhood Families,
One of the best things about our neighborhood is that it is kid and family friendly.  For many of us, that’s precisely why we moved here and live here.  Seeing kids playing outside on a beautiful day is an asset we all benefit from.  However, to keep that goal, we need to help our kids to be mindful of the impact they have on our common spaces and neighbors’ yards.  As board members, we sometimes hear complaints from the community about property destruction.
Most recently, some kids have been witnessed sitting on saplings to break them and use them for building tee-pees in the central area behind houses 1478, 1480, 1482, … on one side and houses 1554, 1556, 1558, … on the other side.  While, it is clear these kids are not malicious, and their actions are unintentional, we need to educate them that  breaking trees for play isn’t okay.  As this causes damage to the space, when we are in the process of re-planting to stop erosion.  When neighbors try to say something to the children, it doesn’t seem to get heard, as would be expected.  However, when parents say something to their own kids the impact is greater.
Parents, please consider talking to your kids about this.  We are happy to engage and discussion to provide details and explain the problem.  Thanks to the larger community for speaking up.  Please reach out to Sarah ( and Beth ( for details and to discuss how we can rectify this together.

Let’s keep our community family friendly and beautiful. It’s to all our benefit.  We are open to hearing your thoughts, as communication keeps our neighborhood a really good place to live.
Thanks again,
Your board
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