Winter Update & HOA Meeting Dates

Greetings fellow ARC’ers

❄Hope everyone is keeping warm and surviving the crazy temperature swings ❄

Wanted to mention a few things:

 1)  HOA Meeting Dates:  below are the dates for upcoming HOA meetings, that is open to all homeowners:

    • 2/20/2018
    • 5/15/2018
    • 7/10/2018
    • Time will be 7 pm and location will be Armstrong Elementary School

2)  Dog Poop & Cigarette butts:  We receive many such complaints.  Reminder that it is the responsibility of dog owners to pick up your dog’s poop diligently.  We have kids that play here and we all live here, please be neighborly and do your part.   If you see something, perhaps engage them politely & gently and ask them to do their part to clean up behind their pet

3)  Trash & Recycling:   Remember to put all trash in containers, so animals don’t get into them.  And please cover recyclables especially if it’s going to be windy (like today).   Again please be neighborly and if you see a empty water bottle rolling around somewhere, please consider picking it up and putting again in your recycle bin

 Kindly remember, HOA board are not enforcers, but rather unpaid bureaucrats that need the community’s help in such matters

😰❄🏔Happy Winter and looking forward to the Spring☀😁♨

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